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New Residential Development in the heart of Mickleover village.

Construction has started on the build of 6 properties at Manor Farm in Mickleover. The small exclusive development sees the existing redundant farm buildings set within the Mickleover conservation area being developed into 5 single story dwellings (bungalows) and 1 house.

The design has been completed by Matthew Montague Architects for site owners Chevin Homes, utilsing their trusted team of Derby based contractors.

The small residential development comprises six individual three and four bedroom contemporary bungalows and houses in a private cul-de-sac setting, it does not include the existing Grade II farm house which remains in the ownership of the original owners, the Watson family.

The site's historical and heritage significance presented unique challenges, planning discussions commenced in 2014. Matthew Montague Architects have been involved with the site for over 5 years, working with Chevin Homes most recently to gain approval.

Designs of the houses are low-key, with all but one being single-storey, in line with nearby existing properties and in order to minimise any visual impact on the surrounding area.

The designs are of a traditional form with modern detailing, reclaimed brick walls, slate roofs and limited glazing to avoid passive solar gain but to allow sufficient daylight and fresh air for modern living. The houses are not designed to compete with the adjacent listed structures but to provide a contemporary addition.

For the size of the site this is a low-density scheme, in order to respect the sensitivity of the location and the scale of the surrounding area.

Derby City Council’s Conservation Officer identified important views across the site to the church and listed farmhouse building which led the design of the final layout. The landscaping has been carefully designed in order to retain these views for the long-term, the creation of shared open spaces means that we can comfortably accommodate a 10% increase in Net Biodiversity on the site.

This regulation is not yet mandatory for small developments, this is a proactive and progressive step towards creating 21st century sustainable environments and properties.

In summary this is a carefully considered, sensitive scheme, in a highly sustainable location that will contribute the the surrounding area and secure the future of the existing former barns, which are part of the adjacent heritage asset. We look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

Visual of a house type for a residential development in Mickleover

Architects visual of what a new house will look like.

Site plan showing the layout of houses for a new small housing development.

If you would like to contact us please call Louise Jones on 01335 330510 or email


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