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The practice is experienced in designing a wide range of building types including: offices, residential, education, culture, leisure, retail, civic and healthcare. The quality of its designs has been recognised with many architecture’s awards over the years.




"Architecture should engage with its context and interact with its surroundings to

create delight, enjoyment, and well-being for its inhabitants".



Matthew Montague Architects are an RIBA Chartered Practice based in the village of Longford near Derby. The team works across a diverse range of sectors and industries; commercial, industrial, education, residential, leisure and public sector. We design commercial architectural developments, education establishment developments, bespoke new homes, barn conversions and property transformations. We work with a wide range of clients; property developers, schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs, charities, small businesses to PLC’s and home owners.

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Every school and university is different, each has its own needs and ambitions. The way we think about our sites, campuses and built environment is evolving, how we deliver and consume education is changing and the built environment has to respond to that. 



We listen closely to our clients’ requirements and ambitions to design and create high-quality, people-focused, buildings that enhance their surroundings. We believe that good architecture begins with understanding. We work with our clients, the people who use the buildings, we understand context and purpose. Only by understanding places and purposes can we create buildings that inspire and delight be that by designing and building new ones or reviving existing ones.