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25 Years of Matthew Montague Architects.

1998 – Matthew Montague left Montague Architects and started Matthew Montague Architects with one client and one member of staff.

1999 – First commercial job completed; extension, alterations, and refurbishment of Lonsdale House for Lonsdale Travel. This is now the home of The University of Derby’s Institute of Innovation in Sustainable Engineering (IISE). His development received an award in the same year.

2000 – Corporate office in Duffield, grew to 5 members of staff. The Cheese Factory in Longford purchased from the Buildings in Danger list.

2001 – Practice becomes RIBA registered.

2002 – Completed award winning refurbishment and extension to Derby Theatre. Moved to offices on Friar Gate.

2004 – Staff members reached double figures, extended the Friar Gate Offices.

2006 – Completed construction of Denby Pottery Visitors Shopping Complex.

2007 – Design and build of the Award Winning Tomlinson House for builders G F Tomlinson’s HQ in Little Eaton.

2010 – Clough Taylor Memorial is unvielded for DCFC.

2011 – Merge with AFS Architects. Start working with Repton School. First project is The Quad building.

2012 – Restoration and redevelopment of 20 shop fronts across Derby via heritage fund.

2013 – Moved offices to Longford.

2014 – Completion of Redmire, individual residence. Largest individual residential house to date.

2015 – REVIT software introduced to the practice.

2016 – Planning application submitted for DCFC East Stand Extension. Decision awaited.

2017 – Merge with Montague Architects, Friar Gate offices close and all staff relocate to The Cheese Factory.

2018 – Completion of extension and refurbishment of Quarndon Hall once the home of the renowened Birds Bakers family.

2019 – Completion of £10 million refurbishment of Repton School Sports Facilities that were opened by Olympic Swimmer Adam Petey.

2020 – COVID – 100 domestic projects completed, the most the practice has ever done in one year.

2021 – Unveiling of The University of Derby’s masterplan. The University’s vision for how it intends to develop it’s city centre footprint and improve connectivity between sites.

2023 – The practice has been instructed to carry out a refurbishment of Lonsdale House. This was the commercial project Matthew undertook in 1998. The building has not been changed since.


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