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Chesterfield’s largest independent employer reveals plans for refurbishment of historic HQ.

A planning application has been submitted to Chesterfield Borough Council for the full refurbishment of Old Birdholme House on Derby Road, Chesterfield, the head offices of CCS Media.

CCS Media are a technology and supplies reseller who have been based in Chesterfield since it was established 39 years ago soon after the business purchased and moved into Old Birdholme House. The company is understood to be the largest independent employer in Chesterfield.

They deliver first-class IT solutions and services to organisations across the UK. They currently have a network of 13 Offices and a Warehouse and Logistics Configuration Centre in the centre of Chesterfield

Matthew Montague Architects were instructed to prepare a detailed scheme for the sensitive alteration and refurbishment of the Grade II Listed commercial office building.

Parts of the building date back to the late 17th Century, in heritage reports it is described originally as a dwelling and later a mansion house. There is still evidence of this as the present-day offices are quite cellular in nature, with various small spaces, rooms and offices.

The proposals seek to strike a balance between functionality and form, creative design and fulfilling the needs of the business whilst retaining original architectural details and finishes.

“The time, costs and complexity involved in altering and upgrading a Grade II listed building should not be underestimated. You can’t cut corners with listed buildings this project will be a significant investment for CCS Media.”

The practice has now applied to Chesterfield Borough Council with a scheme of works to improve the office accommodation, which includes exposing and highlighting some of the buildings original features a decision is expected early in 2023.


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