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Sustainable building technology at the forefront for DCFC developments.

The University of Nottingham and Matthew Montague Architects are working together as part of the ‘Energy for Business’ funded programme to carry out a full assessment of the sustainability of the extension of the training facility at DCFC’s Moor Farm training facility.

Architects in Derby

Matthew Montague Architects have been working with DCFC for 12 years and more intensively since 2014 when the practice worked closely with the club to help them to achieve Category 1 status for their training academy.

The latest project is to further develop and expand the training facilities with a new full size pitch, futsal arena, café and changing rooms. Planning permission has been granted for the scheme.

These developments will make sure that DCFC retains its EPPP Category 1 status and remain as one of the elite clubs in terms of its academy and training facilities. EPPP is the Elite Player Performance Plan, which is a national scheme to develop young players.

As this is a new development, both Matthew Montague Architects and DCFC are keen to ensure that the new facility is as sustainable as possible, hence the partnership with The University of Nottingham.

Through the Energy for Business project, Sergio Runza, who has completed an MSc in Sustainable Building Technologies at the university, will spend 200 hours carrying out energy and environmental performance assessments of the new facility, he will consider several models that will lower C02 emissions, reduce energy consumption and ultimately running costs.

Sustainable building technology is a rapidly evolving field and one in which many companies are investing due to the emerging necessity to address global warming. The potential benefits of this project are the development of an environment where the ecosystem of the area will seamlessly merge with that of the nearby neighbourhood.

Sergio's work will help DCFC to reduce the carbon footprint of Moor Farm. The energy performance assessments will undoubtedly reduce the buildings energy consumption, reducing fuel costs, making the facility more sustainable and reducing the environmental footprint of the whole project, respecting neighbours and the countryside surrounding the area.

Discussions are still being held with regards to timescales and actual dates for the work to begin, however, the work completed by Sergio will certainly give food for thought to the powers that be at DCFC.

Architects in Derby
Architects in Derby

Matthew Montague Architects in an award winning architect based in Derby, UK. If you would like to contact us about any current or future projects call us on 01335 330510 or email


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