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New Home in historical surroundings gets approval in Duffield.

Matthew Montague Architects have been successful in obtaining full planning permission for a new home that will be set amongst buildings of historical significance on Wirksworth Road in Duffield.

After 12 months of negotiations with Amber Valley Borough Council, involving full re-design of the proposed dwelling, we are very pleased to have gained full planning permission for the new home. The house will be built on a paddock adjacent to The Forge, Wirksworth Road, Duffield, Near Belper.

The elevation to Wirksworth Road will be of simple, rural architecture, reflecting that of the adjacent Forge. The new dwelling has a similar floor level to the Forge with steps up internally in order to follow the rising topography, but the ridge line remains the same.

The new house will have a plain tiled roof, chimneys, and facing brickwork walls, with painted timber windows. The use of facing brickwork, as with the existing extension to the forge, tells the story that this is a C21 addition to the group of buildings.

The dwelling will have a detached garage that will be juxtaposed to the house in an ad-hoc manner as are the existing surrounding buildings. The existing paddock access remains the same, as does the established roadside hedgerow.


Matthew Montague Architects in an award winning architect based in Derby, UK. If you would like to contact us about any current or future projects call us on 01335 330510 or email


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