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New Modern Dwellings, Manor Court, Breedon on the Hill.

We were appointed as the architect for this project to design and submit for planning a proposal for the construction of two high quality, detached 4 bedroomed dwellings by clients Acton Building Company Ltd at a site in Breedon on the Hill, a small village in North West Leicestershire, close to the Derbyshire county boundary.

Parts of the village are a designated conservation area, the proposed site lies outside of this. The plot is linear in form with an east west orientation that historically was the site of two Dutch style agricultural barns. These have now been demolished.

The intention with these new dwellings was to retain the agricultural character of the barns whilst creating two modern homes. With this in mind the proposals replicate the stature of the demolished Dutch barns. The scale, proportions and orientation of the primary new buildings are comparable to the barns. Ancillary areas are modest in scale to enable them to recede into the landscape.

The proposed dwellings will be constructed using local materials were possible with natural stone being the predominant external finish coupled with large expanses of glazing.

Environmental considerations have been incorporated into dwelling, it is thermally efficient with passive solar design and the use of sustainable technologies that all promote an environmental friendly way of living and minimise reliance on fossil fuels.

With stunning views and vistas this residential development demonstrates the charm and potential many agricultural buildings offer for conversion into residential dwellings.

The planning application was submitted in December 2021 we await the decision from North West Leicestershire District Council.

If you would like to talk to us about a project or a potential project please email Matthew Montague;

Click here to view the video fly through.


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