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Planning Permission Granted for Residential Development.

Matthew Montague Architects are delighted to have secured planning permission for a new housing development on land off Hepworth Road, Woodville North West Leicestershire. The approved development is for 30 self and custom build dwellings.

The aims of our client, Laureen Lane Ltd are to achieve a high quality, modern and sustainable housing development of custom build properties, each dwelling successfully constructed to reflect its owner’s preferences whilst being part of a coherent residential scheme.

The site is located on the South East of Woodville, 10 minutes’ walk from the town centre and local amenities. Connectivity, sustainability and sense of community are crucial for the urban design of this development.

Matthew Montague Architects have designed base house types and compiled a design code to set the criteria for the proposed development, setting out the framework for the appearance, design standards and materials for the new dwellings, landscaping and public realm.

The base house types will be adaptable by each purchaser. The elements that can be customised include internal layouts, window and door positions and elevational treatments. A choice of different material pallets for each house type with additional adaptations should result in a development of varying properties whilst still provide a strong coherent development with a unique character.

The site will have a clear, user-friendly footpath connecting the development to local schools and the town, encouraging a sustainable lifestyle, establishing a strong sense of place. are working with the University of Derby to develop a masterplan for a city centre hub. The masterplan is the vision for how the University intends to develop its city centre footprint and improve connectivity between its sites including the Enterprise Centre, Markeaton Street, Kedleston Road and various student accommodation.

Click here to watch a fly through of the site.

Guided by the urban design the individual properties will provide an active street frontage with visible front doors, garages and a green space between the property and public road. The properties offer views between one and another to the south in order to maximise the vistas for each dwelling. This will also help to articulate the street elevations giving relief and depth to create character.


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