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New Plans Submitted to Redevelop the Former La Gondola Restaurant on Osmaston Road, Derby.

Matthew Montague Architects have been appointed by Elgie Properties Ltd to redesign and submit plans to redevelop 220 Osmaston Road, Derby the derelict former La Gondola Hotel & Restaurant.

EB Property Solutions purchased the site in 2021 and submitted plans for demolition and redevelopment, the planning application was refused by Derby City Council in December 2021 due to several fundamental issues including the overall scale of the proposed development.

The site lies one mile south of Derby city centre and was one of the city’s most fashionable venues in the 70’s and 80’s, it closed its doors for the last time in 2009. Many people remember the venue, though it is now in a very poor state some 50 years after its heyday.

The previous planning application was for a four-storey building containing 58 apartments, a building of significant scale for its location. Matthew Montague Architects have designed the revised scheme comprising 42 apartments over two blocks; 38 being two-bedroomed and four one-bedroomed.

The larger of the apartment blocks of the proposed plans still spans four floors however, the ground floor is to be set lower and the fourth floor stepped back from the external façade to minimise the impact on the aesthetics of Ashtree House adjacent to the site. The second block is reduced in size to reduce the impact on the adjacent properties.

Th scale of the new proposal has been reduced so that it isn’t overly dominant on the street scene. By splitting the volume into smaller masses, the arrangement and hierarchy replicates that of the former hotel.

The planning application was submitted on the 7 April 2022.

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