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Three Prestigious New Homes, Duffield, Planning Approved.

Planning permission has been granted for the demolition of the existing and construction of three new individual dwellings at 36 Hazelwood Road, Duffield.

Existing dwelling.

Residential development site, Hazelwood Road, Duffield. Matthew Montague Architects.

The site has a number of substantial trees on it, several of which are subject to Tree Protection Orders. The design and layout of the dwellings has been delicately sculpted around the existing trees and the dwellings have stunning views across open countryside to the rear. Plots 1 & 2 are positioned to the north of the plot nestling harmoniously within the existing mature trees.

Plot 1 is of fairly traditional design with elements of contemporary glazing whilst plot 2 reflects the contemporary nature of the adjacent dwelling.

Plot 3 fronts onto Hazelwood Road. The design is relatively traditional in terms of scale and materials although the windows to the front gable have a recessed entrance porch with full height glazing which represents a modern element and creates a stunning, unique entrance to the property.The dwellings will be constructed by Derwent Valley Construction and work is expected to commence on site in the summer of 2020.

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Initial sketch designs.

Initial sketch ideas for residential development at 36 Hazelwood Road, Duffield, Derbyshire.

Site Plan.

Site Plan for 3 new dwellings at 36 Hazelwood Road, Duffield.

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