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New City Masterplan set to transform University estate.

Matthew Montague Architects are working with the University of Derby to develop a masterplan for a city centre hub. The masterplan is the vision for how the University intends to develop its city centre footprint and improve connectivity between its sites including the Enterprise Centre, Markeaton Street, Kedleston Road and various student accommodation.

The Masterplan aligns with the University’s long-term Estates Strategy and consultations with University stakeholders have been taking place over recent months.

The vision is that the city centre hub will be the base for Business, Law and Social Sciences including commercial and enterprise functions.

The plan will broadly be divided into two distinct but complimentary areas, the student zone and the enterprise zone. The student zone encompasses the various sites along Agard and Ford Street. Centred around the new business centre, the enterprise zone will predominantly include sites around Bridge Street, Nuns Street and the Enterprise Centre.

Matthew Montague Architects have prepared the concept design for the new hub encompassing new buildings, existing buildings and the change of use of existing buildings and spaces, including new teaching spaces, retail units, cafes, bars, social and green spaces, offices and gym.

The concept for the design focuses on simplicity, vibrancy, safety and sustainability. It draws on Derby’s industrial heritage and uses it to create a modern environment, keeping spaces open and lively during the day and into the evening.

The masterplan will link the city centre hub to the Kedleston Road site, Markeaton Street Campus and Britannia Mill with pedestrian and cycle pathways and transport links with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

The plan has been created to be flexibly phased over the period of 10-15 years, it is expected that a planning application will be submitted to Derby City Council for planning permission later in the year.


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