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Planning Permission Approved for Contemporary New Home in Derbyshire Conservation Area.

MMA has received planning approval for a new modern dwelling in Repton. The new home will be constructed in the former garden of an existing property on High Street.

The dwelling is of contemporary design that will sit comfortably within the conservation area and enhance the rich diverse architectural typology of the village.

The new dwelling will be accessed via a long drive and will include triple garage, underground gym, cinema, large open plan living area with garden views, office, 4 en suite bedrooms and roof terrace.

The design uses the sloping plot to its advantage, a section of the ground floor accommodation will be built into the landscape to ensure the structure sits low in its environment.

The modern design has a linear form which works well with the stone walling and horizontal timber cladding of the minimalist first floor box that projects over the front entrance and is noticeably angled across the site.

The building is orientated to reduce the impact on neighbouring properties, its minimal flat roof design conceals it from view, maximising privacy.

If you would like advice on architectural services contact Matthew Montague on 01335 330510 or email


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